"It is not what we get. But who we become, what we contribute... that gives meaning to our lives."

- Tony Robbins

The Mission of Criminal Justice Law International is to provide a single resource for students and professionals worldwide.

By "Resource" we mean a one-stop-shop for all things related to doing the job more effectively.

With criminals ignoring borders and political leaders tying the hands of those trying to bring these to justice, students and professionals will gain a big advantage by having easy access to any information, phone numbers, addresses, data or whatever is needed to do their job efficiently.

If you want to help with the goals of Criminal Justice Law International, there are three ways you can contribute. These are:

scales of justice imposed against world map


The more interconnected criminal justice organizations become, the easier it will be for each to accomplish their own missions.

To this end, we welcome contributions of content either by way of blog posts or pages. Some guidelines to note:


  • Pages may be submitted in html format and added to the site where appropriate.
  • Pages can promote your organization, encourage recruiting or simply provide information for public consumption.
  • Look for templates in each section of this website for various types of pages we are actively seeking. These will help you develop your own page or feel free to create the page as you see fit.
  • Minimum word count for pages is 700. There is no maximum.


  • Posts may be used to promote your own website or organization.
  • Posts must be minimum 500 words.
  • Images are accepted provided they are either creative commons or you hold the copyright.

General Guidelines

  • Posts or pages with spam links will be edited.
  • We reserve the right to edit pages to adhere to community standards.
  • No hate speech, criminal actions or obscene material will be permitted.
  • If at any time you want your page/post removed, simply let us know.

Monetary Contributions

As with any organization, it takes money to keep CJLAw Intl running. At one time, we relied on advertising to keep the doors open. Upon redeveloping the website, we decided it would be better if we eliminated ads entirely.

Ads tend to cloud out and detract from the information. Because the Mission of is so vital to international security, we believe students and professionals would be best served in this way.

But, that means we must rely on the generosity of readers like you to help keep us going.

So, if you can make a contribution, you may do so in $1 increments using the button below. Once you click on it, this page will refresh and a shopping cart will appear below the contribution button.

By default, the amount will show $1 USD. To contribute another amount, simply change the quantity. Once done, click on the "Pay Now with PayPal" button in the lower left to be taken to a secure server where you may pay using any major credit card. You DO NOT need a PayPal account.

Another way to contribute is via Bitcoin.

If you wish to help using Bitcoin, simply access CashApp and pay to $clarenceoakes, the founder of He will ensure we get the funds.

We thank you.

Get Involved

Finally, whether you can contribute content or revenue, all can help by getting involved. How so?

Very simple. Each time you bookmark this page, you help. When you share a page on social media or via email, it helps. When you post comments, it helps. When you completely read pages on this site, it helps.

In other words, simply by visiting with us and doing what you are already doing, you are helping us grow.

Thank you for coming and remember to bookmark and share.

We appreciate it.

Special Projects Going on Right Now at Criminal Justice Law Intl.

This is where we will include special ways you can help us grow. At present, we have a page set aside for every police department in the United States. But these pages are largely blank. If you are a member of a police department or know someone who is and would like to include a page on this site about your department, please visit Help Wanted Building Police Department Pages.

About CJLaw Intl

The purpose of Criminal Justice Law International is to explore issues of importance to Criminal Justice and Law students worldwide while providing tools and resources to enhance education.

Justice is NOT just an American concept.

Justice, social justice, and criminal justice impact everyone on the planet. As the world becomes more globalized, more interconnected via technology and transportation, a need arises to alter the old ways of approaching criminals and crime control.

We hope to be a positive influence on these changes. Learn more About CJLaw Intl.



March 2021

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