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Careers in Criminal Justice and Law

Anyone seeking a career in criminal justice and law will want to research the various career paths they may choose. This section is divided in the simplest way possible. The three general catagories for careers are:

Government Agencies

Private Industries


We will be adding detailed careers within each category as quickly as possible. If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to contact us.



Government careers are the most popular career path. These are, as implied, job choices working for governmental entities like local police departments, state correctional facilities, federal law enforcement and more. Career choices range from field agents to office support to management and anything in between.

Private Industry


Few students of criminal justice think in terms of working for private companies, but the career paths are myriad. There are sales positions, engineering, tech support, management and more. To learn more about the private companies which serve the criminal justice and legal professions, visit Private Industry.


large class of students facing a lecturn

Careers in Adacemia are many, but often openings are scarce. Most in this field work in universities and colleges, but some enter Research and Development. Adacemic careers include teaching, career counseling, recruiting and more.



While the legal profession has always required degree programs, many organizations in criminal justice now encourage applicants to pursue higher education. This has resulted in an explosion of universities and colleges offering specific curricula for the profession. In this section, we provide a massive, growing list of universities offering criminal justice and law programs.

Gov't Academies

police academy in OKC

Government academies include Police Academies, Correctional Officer Training Academies and more. Many law enforcement and corrections agencies have their own training programs, others rely on state or federal programs. In this section, we will be adding every possible training program offered via government programs.

Private Training

crater cj training academy

Private training is also available for anyone wanting to supplement their skills in any area. Private training includes everything from specialized weapons training to personnel issues education, special situations skills like hostage negotiations, sensitivity training, mental health and more. Virtually any situation someone in the field can experience is covered in private training courses conducted either on or offline.

Physical Training

law enforcement officers on an obstacle course at sundown

Some entering law enforcement seek private physical training course or trainers. In this section, we will be adding every private physical training we can locate. This way, anyone wanting to maintain peak physical condition with the aid of trained experts can find what they seek whereever they live.

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